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IPR Crew (Suspiciously missing Sebastian!)

Hadley “Talonbane Cobra” Spencer – Host

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved to play games involving imagination and competition. I play D&D, chess and played 40K for years. I became unsatisfied Games Workshops’ prices and rules. I found X-Wing at the end of 2014 and have been hooked ever since.

I play rebels and scum.  My achievements are strictly middle of the pack but I’ve never had someone not enjoy a game.  This may be linked to the fact that I don’t play meta lists, I don’t mind them, I’d just rather do my own thing. I can’t get off my addiction to Khiraxz, but my opponents don’t seem to mind. When I won games at the last regionals, I’d bellow a mighty, “KHIRAXZ!” so all knew of the victories of my doughty ships.  I didn’t have to shout many times.

I founded Imperial Propaganda Radio to be a fun, Australian podcast which can help the average player.  When selecting co-hosts, I wanted more than just mates.  I wanted people with a diversity of skills and knowledge.  The glorious result is resplendent in the pictures attached.

On the podcast, I try to keep it on track and on time.  I create the show notes, collate the team’s articles, create advertisements and songs, and record the interviews. As host, I try to find a way to go along with every suggestion or constructive criticism that we receive.  I’m loving my involvement in the game and the people that go with it.  KHIRAXZ!


Stuart “Boba” Bucknell – Co – Host

I’ve been a gamer since I think about 1995 when I first saw mates pushing Warhammer Fantasy figures around a table and thought it looked awesome.  Went through a few years of Fantasy, then switched to 40K before I got tired of the endless churn and money pit of GW games.

After casting around a bit, Rob, Hads and I all decided to get into X-wing.  Everyone loves Star Wars.  And a game where we can buy a ship and put it on the table within a few minutes, fully painted?  Where you can have a tournament ready squadron for a fraction of the cost of what I was used to –  with an awesome, vibrant, active community of players, and a games company that actually listens to players.. SOLD!  It’s all those things in combination that make X-wing something really special.

Since then, I’ve been playing pretty regularly, building up my collection and trying to master strategy across all aspects of the game, while dabbling in all three factions.  I’ve been a regular participant in the tournament scene, and a regular listener to other podcasts, trying to keep up my finger on the pulse of the game internationally.

I’m happy that I am able to share my enthusiasm and what I have learned with the community via Imperial Propaganda Radio.


Inquisitor Robert Eyles – Co – Host

I am also a longtime gamer.  I remember see a range of miniatures when i was younger and just thought “Wow how cool is that!” from then on i was hooked. I have been involved heavily in many gaming systems but predominantly 40k and Fantasy.

I also remember going to see Starwars in the cinemas and just being amazed at whole amazing production. Nearly 2 years ago, Stu Hadley and myself saw a game of Xwing being demonstrated and one quick game of tie fighters against Xwings and that was it. Many “mistakes” were made and I’ve never looked back. Xwing just seemed to be an elegant game with simple and easily understood rule set with infinite replay-ability. My chosen faction is Imperials. Tried a few games with Rebels…. boring. The sleekly designed nimble Tie Fighters, hearing the screech of Darth Vader piloting a Tie Advanced destroying those puny Xwings!!!!! Its the Dark Side for me!

Just like most of us here I’m a competitive beast and yes Xwing fills that competitive shaped hole in my life. I feel that my results with Xwing have gone from strength to strength this year. My Xwing achievements include top 8 placing Victorian Regionals 2015, 1st at the Hurstville Stores Championship, 1st at the Company of Dice Store Championship, top 16 NSW Regionals. Top 4 Queensland Regionls and 2nd Place in the ACT Regionals (AKA Dengaroo convention!). Since March this year i have been rocking the Tie Swarm that I have affectionately called “Crackalicious”.


Sebastion “Rendar” Szafjanski- Co – Host


Grant “Dengar” O’Dwyer – Co – Host

I’m a long time miniatures gamer, and I discovered X-Wing in mid-2014 as an economic migrant that could no longer afford to play Warhammer 40k. I’m a gamer first, and a Star Wars fan second. I cut my teeth flying 4 ship rebels, enjoying the synergy and durability of rebel builds, before discovering Dash-Corran in 2015. Most recently, I feel as though I’ve found a place to call home flying Scum and Villainy, from now on it’s a pirates life for me.

My achievements include 2nd place at the 2015 Sydney Regional, Top 4 at the 2016 Brisbane Regional, Top 8 at the 2016 ACT Regional and Top 8 at 2015 Australian National Championships. Beyond competition, I am a co-founder of NSW Blue Squadron and I am passionate about helping new players and building the gaming community.

On the podcast, I am the resident rules lawyer and as such I handle questions on complex rules interactions and new FAQ releases. I also contribute to articles that help aspiring players improve their game.

Tom “Xizor” Harper – Co – Host

I’m from a long term miniatures background. I started collecting 40k when I was a kid and got hooked on the competitive scene when I was in my early teens. I’ve gone on to represent NSW in multiple 40k tournaments and also am responsible for some community building of my own. Some of my fellow miniature players showed me X-Wing a few years ago and I never looked back!

My highest achievements include top 8 in the 2015 South Australian regionals and NSW regionals, and top cut in multiple store championships. Like Grant, I’m a competitive gamer first and a star wars lover last, but love the X-Wing community and fun and challenge it provides. A more personal achievement for me would be organizing (with the help of many others) the X-Wing Australian and New Zealand Team Championships (X-Wing ANZTC). This debuted in 2016 and will be returning in 2017 with (hopefully) an extensive future to it.

I love community building and pride myself on providing a fun but competitive experience for my opponents.


Casey “The Hutt” Millwood – Productioncasey

I have had a love for Star Wars ever since I wrapped the entirety of my dad’s last roll of blue electrical tape around my mum’s good broomstick. I copped a flogging for that but it was worth it as it was the first step into a much larger world. I was 5 years old.

Fast Forward 32 years and that 5-year-old kid is alive and well in my mind.  “X-Wing” came to me in mid-2014 when I stumbled upon a Gaming folder on my then work’s internal recreational forum. A few tutorial videos later and I was hooked. We’ve all experienced that at some point.

I have a background in multimedia and so when the idea of this podcast arose, I thought ‘Star Wars and an opportunity for some creative fun, what’s not to like?’

This year has seen the birth of my son, Dash, and surprisingly my best results so far: a Store Championship and making 3 final tables during the store champs season.

I like to bring fun and integrity to every game I play and I hope this is also reflected in my work behind the curtain of Imperial Propaganda Radio.

Cheers for listening,


Casey (and son Dash)