Imperial Propaganda Narrative Event 2016

SWRProp4The Company of Dice and Imperial Propaganda Radio
would like to present

The Bespin Campaign

This will be an XWing Narrative Event for both new and Veteran Xwing Players.

Players can bring up to 200 points of an Xwing Faction
This will be an epic struggle of Rebels Versus Imperials
Chaos vs Order All Three factions will be involved in this epic struggle. The day will be spaced over 4 games with non standard rules.

Game 1 – A Chance Encounter – 75 pnts no named pilots
Game 2 – Have we been found? – 100 pnts, some limitations
Game 3 – Seek and Destroy – 120 points 1 Large ship
Game 4 – 120 pnts no limitations

Please see the attached player Pack for Details.

This will be a day to enjoy xwing in an open and relaxed setting so everyone leave your competitive nature at the door and be prepared to have a day filled with fun prizes and xwing!

Download the Players Pack Below

Bespin Campaign Players Pack

Here’s the Facebook event

Facebook event, click on the link and set your status to “Going!”

Bespin Campaign Facebook Event


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